The items below reflect recent articles that quote or feature CRFB staff and board members.

April 05, 2016 True or False: Donald Trump Will Pay Off The National Debt in 8 Years?
April 04, 2016 Trump's Latest Wild Claim: He'll Fix the Debt in 8 Years | CNN Money
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March 31, 2016 Echoes of the Financial Crisis are Still Being Heard in this Year's Election | NY Daily News
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March 30, 2016 Larry Summers: Corporate Profits are Near Record Highs. Here’s Why that’s a Problem. | Washington Post
March 30, 2016 A Full List of Donald Trump's Rapidly Changing Policy Positions | NBC News
March 30, 2016 Another Way to View the Presidential Candidates | It Does Not Add Up
March 30, 2016 Political Roundup: The Establishment Should Not Dismiss the Anger of the American Electorate | Times-Union Editorial (Jacksonville)
March 30, 2016 The Silence About Deficits in the 2016 Presidential Race | Chicago Tribune
March 30, 2016 Trump Tramples on Republican Orthodoxy | Financial Times (Paywall)
March 28, 2016 ACA Repeal More Difficult as Americans Get Used to Popular Provisions | Crain's Detroit Business
March 28, 2016 IRS Sends a Privacy Warning | Politico Morning Tax
March 28, 2016 Spending Plans for Presidential Candidates Come Under Fire | ABC6
March 28, 2016 Comparing Candidates | CQ (Paywall)